the problem with robins (12 parts)


(content includes cryptic metaphors of abuse)

12 problem with robins

problem number 1:
you are absolutely everywhere
common in all of north america

problem number 2:
despite your rotund belly;
red orange and swollen,
i can’t keep track of you.
i think you’ve flown further north
and then you land right behind me

problem number 3:
you hop around
ignoring the edges of the garden;
landing on the newest of plants
surrounded by carefully tended soil
and then,

problem number 4:
you tug and pull to expose another victim;
the worms silently meet your satisfaction

problem number 5:
you taunt the nest of the oriole.
landing on a branch too small for you
and when you’ve had enough
of whatever it is you’re there for

problem number 6:
you lift off and leave the branch,
the nest and anything left inside shakes,
unable to control the effect of your force
until time and isolation grant mercy

problem number 7:
you ignore the squaks of other birds,
you don’t even talk back;
feigning innocence,
plumping your feathers,
leaving no trace with your tiny feet

problem number 8:
you are the first to make yourself known
after the safety of winter;
your song called “cheery” wakes me

problem number 9:
from blissful sleep where i forgot,
you invade my peace

or problem number 10:
from fitful sleep where you already are,
my eyes open in frozen validation

problem number 11:
you divide me from my friends.
they love you and rightly so;
a symbol of good luck,
renewal, passion and new beginnings.
your breast red because you fanned
the dying flames and saved people.

problem number 12:
you also represent patience and wisdom,
you bop along in a song with great harmonies,
your eggs are a beautiful color,
you help take care of your babies until they leave the nest

your image on the 1986 $2 canadian note was removed
when you died in my bird bath
you’re not the most common bird
i secretly smirk

the most common bird has a song
that may evoke a feeling of grief;
a sorrowful song accompanied by
a message of life, hope and peace.
the mourning doves have moved into my yard

in gentle pairs, they stay as close to me as you
granting me peace as you grant me wisdom

(photo: i was looking through my photos to choose one and looked down to see actual bird shit on my computer. seemed beautifully appropriate)

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