chicken drama

chicken drama

no way! no way! come here! you HAVE to come here. no way. quick! come!

chicken drama

oh, mr. t…the first one to perch on top of the cage.  sally was excited about it too.

since they were starting to show their ability to take flight, we made them a play pen.

chicken drama

these creatures, with bones like glass, continue to provide moments of pause.  they are sweet to watch. the challenge of getting them to fall asleep in our hands is addictive.  how they huddle together or stretch their necks way out is so cute. minutes get swallowed up each day by watching them. for all of us…

chicken drama

but they are also getting bigger.

chicken drama

unlike our kansas day treat for teachers (here couldn’t be a more perfect gift from eliza!), their poop smells. getting the feed into the feeder is tricky for seven year old early morning hands, so there is often feed on the floor.  the waterer leaks when it’s carried across the room, so there is often water on the floor. and all this takes place in a corner of our kitchen, a corner i call the “utility room” because that feels better than thinking of chickens in the kitchen  (say that 3 times fast). but soon they will join the big girls outside…and join in that drama.

chicken drama

our silly barred rocks go outside the back fence, around the garage and make nests in our pampas grass.  eliza found another egg in there today.  the nest is sheltered and the sun shines on them.  so cozy, micah says. i wish i was her.

chicken drama

we stood and watched for more minutes.

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