$15 or less


when i saw this poster, i loved it. i love how it reminds me of my life now and life i day dream about. i’m fascinated by the animal family groupings and the jet in the sky. we try to figure out what roles the three males in the picture have…dad, grandpa, son? dad, son, son? dad, son, worker?  jerry thinks i should wear heels to feed the chickens.

it’s big map size poster. copyright from the 50s. i decided if it was $15 or less, i would for sure buy it. more than $15 and i’d have to think about it a little more.


score. thank you, et cetera shop.

2 thoughts on “$15 or less

  1. Kristin, You are awesome and you just go ahead and tell Jerry that you will wear those high heels when he puts on a pair! Love ya, girl!


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