going for it

i’m going for it.  i took out the big camera every day.


and now i’m posting the photos…but not in order (sorry, karin).  we’ll see how it lasts.

:: :: ::


she got it.  the coveted chicken leash.  it’s actually a chicken harness with a built in diaper that a leash can be attached to, but “chicken leash” is its common name here. while it will fit most of our hens, chubby is the only one who has had the honor…and thus the opportunity to watch a show on the couch.


:: :: ::

chubby has also joined us on our walk “to the pop machine even though we can’t ever get any” (not true) and back.


today i told eliza that it seemed like she could be thirty walking as a pregnant woman or with a newborn in a front carrier.  oh, lord, could that day actually come?

:: :: ::


welcoming the new year highlight might have been dancing with my teenager…i don’t assume for one moment that home is the place she’ll prefer to be.


we had a kids activity and fancy drink every hour. the next morning it was my son who said i should “do that every year.”  there aren’t compliments greater than that around here.


:: :: ::


our long break was free of the rigor of schedule, homework and school anxiety.  hot chocolate and lots of games of quirkle (thank you, uncle jonny and auntie tricia!) finished out our last day.


:: :: ::

i finished a project of something that i guess could be considered a hobby.  both project completion and maintaining hobbies are things i struggle with.


but, my bacon man-egg lady-toast friend tea towel helped me make pioneer woman’s potato soup.  the best i’ve had.  everyone liked it.  that was the thursday miracle.

:: :: ::

we’ve been making dog treats thanks to a “dog treat maker” from nana and papa.  when the first batch was baking, the other kids would come in and ask excitedly what smelled so good!  and they should…the only ingredients:  flour, beef stock, parsley, corn meal and a bit of canola oil.


we researched a bit and decided a select few could be adorned with sprinkles. sally got that one.


if you’re local and would like to order a gift of dog treats, you let me know.  i’ll pass on the order.  no charge!

:: :: ::

and then the sadness of emergency lights flashing across the street for over an hour.


saddest still is that it was suicide.  we didn’t know his name, but we knew his friendly wave when he went to his mailbox. this is the same home that the baby died in not long ago. it has made us all wonder about the energy of that space and if we believe in that anyway. it has made us feel guilt for not knowing our neighbors better. it has pushed us to advocate for those of us who need mental health help and to try to remove the stigma.  as my doctor told me years ago, “if you had a sinus infection you wouldn’t think twice about treating that, would you?”  our little family has had some holy conversations since then full of disclosure and hope.

:: :: ::

so, 2013 is in full view.  we are in it.  i find myself ending most days simply grateful to know where my kids are and that my house is warm.  i’m so grateful for laughter and sleep. i’ve also been experiencing great freedom in accepting that i don’t know much for sure, that i’m probably screwing up a lot, that i’m not going to do things perfectly (duh, i know)…this is a gift that i wasn’t intentionally looking for.


but that sums up my word for 2013:  acceptance.

4 thoughts on “going for it

  1. I haven’t chosen a word, but I’m thinking it might be “chicken diaper”. There isn’t anything I’ve ever heard that is better than that. xoxoxo Love to you, friend. I’m telling you what, the very next time we are anywhere near you, you’d better be ready!


  2. Love the pictures! My camera is almost the exact same that you have……but my pictures are just plain crap. What setting do you keep it on? Yes, KEEP it on…..I can’t be changing for lighting all the time. Help!!


  3. I am moved — deeply moved. The phrase “…so grateful for laughter and tears” took me over the top. Thank you for your love of life — and for your obvious resolve to receive with grace all that you are being given. I love you dearly. Please squeeze the kiddies from us! Dad.


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