new year

goodness, another new year.  when i was asked some of my most significant moments of 2012, i realized i mentally retraced this blog.  this has been a landing spot for my mind and memories, indeed.

nye dance floor

a goal (that i will continue only if it is life giving) for this new year is to use my real camera daily and record these days more consistently.  like one photo a day.  posted each week. we’ll see.

until then, a look back at the weeks gone by…

:: :: ::

all three kids had concerts, all held in the high school auditorium.  how amazing to see the work and time given by teachers to get all these kids moving in one direction.

home christmashome christmas

each of those programs gave me the opportunity to look at the garbage can lids that MY DAD AND I MADE in the late 80s when i was in E.C.L.I.P.S.E. (Everyone Can Live If People Save the Earth).  that these lids remain stuns me every time i see them.

:: :: ::

home christmas

the horrors from connecticut were honored around a table of food and drink with friends.  candles lit and burned down.

:: :: :: ::

home christmas

our church reenacted las posadas as our christmas program.

home christmas

hanging out with the lambs and gathering on the proposed future site of our county’s homeless shelter…holy stuff.

home christmas

:: :: :: ::

home christmas

we made cookies and layered jello and more cookies and more jello.

home christmas

:: :: :: ::

there was joy.


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