a baby makes christmas better.

I literally (please imagine chris from parks and rec saying this) felt a sensation of my heart swelling.
sweet jackson, son of ladd (jerry’s brother) and bri. not only do I love him, but I am in love with him. that’s what I told him around the christmas tree one night, anyway.

when his little 7 week old body would tense in tummy pain or he’d smile at nana or lift his head up or stand on the table bearing all weight on his little legs or stare at the light, it was the cutest thing we’d ever seen.

we were smitten.

it’s crazy to see our own kids in him. it feels like playing house. it was like a stolen moment from over a decade ago. my heart fluttered a bit just now.


since yesterday, more than once someone has asked, i wonder what jacky is doing right now?

we miss you, baby!

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