this is my 1000th post.  not sure what to do with that, but 1000.  wow.

i finished our christmas card and relived the past year a bit.  like most of humanity, we have so much that is the same and some that is new. like this blog a bit. blah, blah, blah, in many ways i’m singing the same song as i did 1000 posts ago. but the song has more verses, maybe a little more harmony.


it often feels like our abundance is more than deserved.  but that, i guess, is grace.


we’ve celebrated birthdays and thanksgiving and hunting season.

we’ve been fed and offered drink.


we’ve laughed and known the dullness of life as well.

we have friends that feel like family and family that feel like friends.


and here we are now, in the season of advent.  a tree covered with tinsel graces our living room.  the giant fake candle welcomes us every dark afternoon. the advent boxes are filled and not many surprises remain in that tradition. we’ve baked some cookies, we’ll bake more.  we’ve had local eggnog and mexican coke. hershey’s chocolate was preferred over toblerone by some in our house. church has been a soft place to find memories through song and light.


jerry and i will escape to chips, salsa, margaritas and food tonight to make final christmas gift plans (and also because it seems we barely get a moment to talk to each other).  the kids will tuck themselves around the woodstove with pizza and a movie.  i’m assuming there will be phone calls with full debates on who put their feet where.  may i receive those calls as reminders of all we have.  through grace alone.


:: :: :: ::

updated:  our phones never rang. the house didn’t burn down. the dog didn’t eat their supper. blessed be.  grace.  again.

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