i slept in my van

blue grass (get it?):


with curtains crafted from an old thrifted quilt top, a stapler (sorry, sewing friends) and fabric strips as curtain rods, i made our make shift camper/tent cozy.


with a gymnastics meet and practices that couldn’t be missed, jerry and naomi stayed home and the rest of us reduced our time at the bluegrass festival by a couple of days. this reduced my interest in setting up our camper or tent. so, sleeping in the van it was.


i loved it.  the rain was steady and it was so nice to have a completely dry place to sleep.

my self crafted “porch” awning offered a space to take our boots and jackets off before climbing into bed, but i should have checked the tarp first:  at first rain, it sprinkled like a colander.  oh well.

we heard music that stirred my soul, i got to dance til i was as winded as when i run, we ate well, we drank well, but i wished we were there as a whole family.



there were reminders of community in action once again.  welcoming old friends back, welcoming the neighbor children in, crafting shelter that we could all fit under, feeding each other, running for pots to collect rain drips…



if i had a “bucket list” (that is another topic to explore more sometime), sleeping in my van would have been on it.


so, check, with my children on either side, done.

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