when i walk to the end of the driveway and look back to see the warm lights through my windows.  when i walk over dirty socks in the dining room.  when i see milky eyes of a stranger crinkle with smile.  when i hear friends sing and harmonies blend.  when i know how to find my mom and dad.  when i recognize anxiety.  when i rediscover joy.   when i eat good food, drink good drink.  when i strain with frustration at chaotic family life.  when the chickens cluck.  when the dog pukes on the floor.

this is living.  and there is nothing like a day determined for us to remind me of it.  dear september 11 and all you mean to humanity, i recognize you already.   may grace and mercy and decency and dignity prevail.

2 thoughts on “living

  1. Reblogged this on from the stacks and commented:
    Very well said. I like that Kristin says, “may grace and mercy and decency and dignity prevail.” Truth is we will have trials of every kind in this world, but if we rely on Christ ~ if we trust His plans, and put our care into His hands, then we can boldly ask that those four prevail.


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