tethered heart

“having children is like letting your heart walk around outside of your body.”

i first heard this when i was pregnant with naomi.  i’ve heard it many times since.


this year my heart is in three buildings…
three buildings miles apart.
eliza is still at walton rural life center,
micah has moved to santa fe 5/6 center in downtown newton
and naomi is at newton high school with her dad (!!!).

my hearts, my loves, my babies.
the older they get the more i treasure our time together.

and i find myself a little more sappy and what i like to call “emotionally available” these days.  a ten day fever virus left me spinning to get better and keep going all at the same time, disappointed in missed end-of-summer fun, scared about what was wrong with me, doubtful that i’d ever recover, and all the time bone deep grateful for the lives surrounding me.

{remember my incredible skill at making something out of everything?}

so here we are,
just days in to this new world
where my heart tethers out in three directions
and comes back into place at supper time.

blessed be.

5 thoughts on “tethered heart

  1. This honestly made me cry. The pieces of my heart don’t come back in at suppertime anymore. Of course they don’t. They are doing what we want them to do, what we raised them to do. But the places in my heart, where they are still tethered, are a little tender..


  2. How did that old Mellencamp song go? “You make it hurt so good!” What a lovely post. And the picture of our favorite kids in the whole world! WOW! Love you! Dad


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