chicken yearbook 2012

yeah, clearly we had some time to spare.  the kids were great chicken catchers which is all we needed to do to get ready for today’s project:  make a chicken yearbook.

these chickens bring us so much joy and their personalities shine.  they aren’t quite full grown yet and we found out that at least four of them are roosters (the first four pictures below).

let us introduce you to our friends, the chickens:

chicken yearbookchicken yearbook

chicken yearbook

chicken yearbook

chicken yearbook

and perhaps our collective favorite.  she has a crooked beak, puffy feathers around her neck, a huge head, seeming trouble seeing ledges or things right in front of her, the ranger couldn’t identify her breed, but…

she is the easiest to catch, will hop in your lap if you have bread, squeaks tiny little sounds and we love her.

6 thoughts on “chicken yearbook 2012

  1. Amazing – where do you get these beautiful chickens. Will they go to the fair??? Have Fun! Oma/Omi and Opas/Opi.


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