take care of what you have

take care of what you have.
take care of what you have.
take care of what you have.
take care of what you have.
take care of what you have.

this has become my summer mantra.

take care of what you have.

summer 2012

coming to me most clearly as i am scraping paint off of our old house, exposing the wood that some kind and determined souls nailed together in 1919. as sweat poured down my face but being too covered in paint dust to want to wipe it off. as my hands blistered and the house looked bigger than it ever had before. as i sat with the news of a woman my age who died. a woman i didn’t know but was inspired on how to live and how to die from her caring bridge site.

take care of what you have.

summer 2012

your home, your body, your children.
your toilets, your floors, your spirit.
your kitchen sink, your bedroom floor, your windows.
your hair, your fingernails, your clothes.
your toys, your books, your shelves.
your church, your voice, your neighbors.
your toothbrushes, your chickens, your dog.
your calf, your snake, your tomato plants.
your friendships, your marriage, your strangers.
your stained tea towels, your ripped skirts, your holy socks.
your flowers, your transplanted plants, your grass.
your mailbox, your porch, your blankets.
your children, your children’s bodies, your children’s souls.

take care of what you have.

summer 2012

be careful.
be intentional.
be patient.
be calm.
be present.

summer 2012

it’s crazy what time alone, tepid coffee, public radio folks determining the temperature to be 105, the west side of a house that has seen decades of sun and wind, steady interruptions from the children, crowing from the rooster, wilting of the plants, and tired sighs from the husband can muster up in me.

summer 2012

take care of what you have.


you too.

and blessed be.


8 thoughts on “take care of what you have

  1. I suspect you are watching & listening to the live stream of the funeral this morning as I am. I did not know this young woman either … but am too inspired by her life & grace in death. My cousins were singing at the beginning of the funeral and have been very instrumental in being contact people on CaringBridge and finding home for families to stay in. My mother-in-law is friends with Heidi’s mother (in the same small group). How connected we all are.


  2. I read this at the beginning of each summer. As an elementary teacher, summer is my time to regroup and take care of what I have ~ great reminders in this post.


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