st louis 2012

st louis

when we weren’t at city museum during our quick stop in st louis…we made a few more memories.  a few weeks later there is still talk of that hand in the middle of the city, the best hamburger ever at white knight, the arch that mom didn’t go up in with us, union station early in the morning so nothing was open, the flowers planted in the middle of highways, seeing the ad for the fox theater where america’s got talent was just filmed, the many walks down city streets that look like any other city street…

st louisst louisst louisst louisst louisst louis

st louisst louisst louisst louisst louis

st louisst louisst louis

we know we only scratched the surface of all that this city is, but enough to want to go back.

2 thoughts on “st louis 2012

  1. This was about as special a time as anyone could possibly hope for. What a treat! Next year with Uncle Johnny and Auntie Tricia? What a wonderful thought. Hey, who knows? I’ve already put “a hint of it” in my calendar! — Love you!


  2. Ladd and I often took long weekend getaways to St. Louis when we lived in Lawrence (ahhhh, Lawrence). So much fun to be had there! You should tour the Budweiser brewery sometime! I And I love Union Station. I don’t think I’ve met a Union Station that didn’t love, really.


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