father’s day

a bit like any other anniversary or birthday, the same photos tug at my soul.  the same whispers of “thank you, jesus” and “blessed be” quickly followed with the ache for those who don’t anticipate tomorrow with ease.

my dad as a boy - 3

this day to honor the men that created us.  by body, mind and spirit, created and changed.  by action and word, changed.

jerry as a boy - 4

father's day 2012jerry as a boy - 3

i am humbled by how easy it will be to celebrate tomorrow.  for what i’ve known in the hushed tone-misty eyed stories, calloused hands across downy soft hair, passionate steadiness and laughter without consequence.

father's day 2012

i’ve not been betrayed.  i have been loved.  i believe history.  i have complete trust in the father of my children.

father's day 2012

so you who have gone before us and for you dad, papa, opa, jerry and all you dear men who show the courage of tenderness, happy father’s day.

blessed, blessed be.

2 thoughts on “father’s day

  1. Oh yeah! Thanks for your tender and beautiful post. I’m so glad and honored to be one of the dad’s who made this all possible. Love you, Dad.


  2. Hello!
    Your slideshow is so good – Your words are so moving … Thank you Kristin! Eliza’s comment is very touching. God will continue to keep you strong! You and Yours!!!! Happy Father’s Day, Jerry Continue to have a wonderful summer.
    Love, Peace and Joy, Oma/Omi and Opa/Opi.


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