walton rural life center. done for one.

prairie grass

for this sweet son of ours, one who is aware of his inner self, one who laments unfair moments, one who needs the outdoors, one who needs people to know who he is, one who loves to be with friends, one who giggles and slaps his leg with laughter, one who trusts his teachers, one who appreciates routine, yesterday was his last day at walton rural life center.

this school changed him.  from thinking of school as “jail” to a place where things grow and animals call and he’d come home dirtier than when he arrived, we are grateful.

furthermore, this school has prepared him.  while there will be hills and valleys, i’m sure, micah anticipates with ease his transition to the 5th/6th center.  we’ve heard wonderful things about the system there (which is different from when naomi was there) and we already feel the support of those helping with the transition.

so, with “thank you” cupcakes for the faculty and staff, we met another milestone for our family.  another change.  another chance to relive memories and dream of the future.

thank you cupcakes

e and fam at ag fair

and how grateful we are that eliza will continue on (likely in the same classroom since this year it was a combination 1st/2nd class) as this year.  another chance to learn at a place that “feels like my other home because people take care of me and i have friends and it’s like fun but you have to work but that’s what a home is like.”

eag fair

again, blessed be and may our hearts be prepared for what it to come.

One thought on “walton rural life center. done for one.

  1. After reading this post, all I’m left with is a gratitude-filled ache in my heart. What a beautiful gift this place has been for Micah — and the whole family. Mom and I can’t wait to be with you all in just a few days. Love you!


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