8th grade. check!

thanks to the milestones created for us, we travel pretty easily down memory lane (these photos were cut apart, taped together and folded accordian style as our gift/card to her).

naomi 0-14

amazing, amazing.  naomi had her official eighth grade recognition this morning.

8th grade recognition

unfortunately it was in the morning and jerry had finals so he wasn’t able to come.

8th grade recognition

i sat with nana and papa and was reminded how grateful i am for them.

8th grade recognition

watching naomi with her friends in balance with who she is and the ideas she holds brought me calm joy.

8th grade recognition

there is a lot to be grateful for.

8th grade recognition

i also left with the tension of knowing there were kids who had no one there for them, kids who never stood once when the principal was calling out activities or achievements, kids who are perhaps running out of steam to keep doing this school thing.

8th grade recognition

but in the words of the school counselor, you only need to be good at one thing.  find your passion.  everyone has one.  figure that out and life will fall into place.


just for fun, here is 5th grade recognition and 8th grade recognition.  three years changes a lot!

8th grade recognition

so yes, 8th grade.  check!

5 thoughts on “8th grade. check!

  1. We’re checking off 8th grade in 2 weeks. And we checked off college for the oldest 2 weeks ago. Where is the time going?

    She looks like a wonderful, lovely young woman. Congrats to all of you and on to new adventures!


  2. When I read this beautiful post I couldn’t help but think back through the years. Naomi, remember our tea party? As long as I live, I will never forget those little hands of yours pouring tea into those tiny cups — over and over again and again. Lovely memory! And now — wow! May every day yet to come be filled with good adventure and life-giving discoveries. Much love, Dad/Opa.


  3. Weldon and I feel so lucky that we have been able to be a part of both celebrations. There are so many wonderful memories we have stored in our hearts, and then when we get to witness a milestone in our grandchildrens lives’, words can’t say how we feel.
    And, there are many more to come. We look forward to watching them grow into their next phase of learning.
    Nana and Papa


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