stand in the place…

when there was a chick loose in the front yard (which is along a quite busy street),
i called out to eliza,

“don’t chase it.  
just stand where you don’t want it to go
and that will keep it safe.”


oh my.  it is as if those words came out of my mouth for me.  not as much about the chicks as much as my growing children. i realize it’s possible i’ve chased after them more than i should have.  and now, especially with my oldest, it is probably time to come up with a new plan. so maybe i stand in the places where i hope she doesn’t end up.

maybe that means i’ll meet her there, after the pain of the moment.
maybe that means i’ll be there to help redirect.
maybe that means i’ll simply be there to watch it all unfold.

but i’m thinking of those places.  the places to stand.

our dear naomi put herself out there again and after a week of hard work on many levels,
made the junior varsity cheerleading squad for next year.

i’ll be standing a lot.

{and you’re welcome…anyone else humming a little r.e.m.?}

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