stormy day


we’ve heard “life threatening tornadoes” in the forecast for the last couple of days.


so, we’re home.  tidying the nest.  getting things done.  updating each other.  
(i’ve heard where and when the tornadoes have hit western kansas all day from my kids.)  
it sounds like we’ll see our own action in the next couple hours.



we’re about to have some noodle soup and wait it out.  
while some would love to see a tornado, i’m fine not to.
all day i’ve been more aware of how many people in the world
live with the hype and reality of potential destruction all the time.  
god be with them.

2 thoughts on “stormy day

  1. How in the world did you catch that eerie lighting in the last picture? Gave me the chills. So glad all are safe.


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