egg hatching drama

12 eggs = 21 days of incubation, egg turning, delighting in the first hatch, hatching assistance for one (which felt very birth like!!), determining the other ten eggs to be infertile after all, bonding with the two baby chicks and adding three more chicks from the store, grieving at the deaths of our hatched chicks after three days, getting money refunded (thank you murray mcmurray!), and purchasing 6 more live chicks. whew.

egg hatching

if you see me or naomi on facebook, you knew the drama hour-by-hour at times.

egg hatching

after lots of online research and asking questions in forums, we determined that since she “pipped” her egg and hadn’t hatched in over 24 hours, the membrane was drying out and she wasn’t able to break through it (it turns hard like plastic).

egg hatching

so we were to break off tiny pieces of the shell (not the membrane) and dab warm water on the membrane to soften it.

egg hatching

she wiggled the whole time in there and under the warming lamp, out she came!

egg hatching

and can i just say how much like my babies she looks to me?   small, big eyes, dark hair…i don’t know, but bird-like they were.

egg hatching

most likely the chicks that hatched had “other internal problems”…hmmmm.  they were active and sweet for those first days. the strongest and most active one, andy jackson (since it looked like he was one of two $20 chicks), died first.  we were surprised.

egg hatching

and i can guarantee you that sweet baby rue, the one with the assisted hatching, was loved til the end, dying the day after andy.

(again looking oddly like my own babies)

egg hatching

we spoon fed her, held her,  made sure it was warm enough, gave her something soft to cuddle next to, said good night and good bye, and in the morning she was in the same position we left her.

egg hatching

this is part of why we did this.  life and death and the circle of them both.

egg hatching

and we still have 9 scratching, peeping, pooping, pecking soft bundles of goodness.


5 thoughts on “egg hatching drama

  1. We have been through two seasons of hatching as a family. The kids experience so much of life and death in those few days. I think we mamas are touched the deepest though. – Tonya


  2. What a journey. And what tenderness (especially in that picture of E and the chick). I remember when Naomi was born, thinking that she looked quite like a baby bird.


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