april fool’s 2012

oh yeah.  pulled off with a few last minute pranks including a phone call to jerry where i convinced him the van was overheating, we did some april fooling.

:: :: ::

“i took all the [special clear] gatorade with me but left you bottled water, micah.”

April fools 1

april fool’s!!!  it’s clear gatorade IN the previously emptied water bottle!

:: :: ::

“guys, you know how dad and i talk about never buying lottery tickets?  well, we thought since the amount was so high this time and we found out that there could be more than one winner, we’d buy a few.  so, guys, scratch off the little spots and if you get three of the same number, we win.”  {scratch, scratch, scratch} “what?  you won?  what?!?!?  no way!!!”

April fools 3

april fool’s!  they are trick cards.  read the fine print.

April fools 5

this one was almost a little much for them….{insert nervous laughter}

:: :: ::

in response to eliza gaining determination to trick me and me getting nervous about what she is capable of, i passed my last trick of the night to jerry.  he helped her plant these on my pizza when i “went to the bathroom before we all sat down and ate together”:

April fools 4

“woa!!!!  cockroaches on my pizza?  what?  i need to call that place!!!  oh april fool’s?  it was you?  t.r.i.c.k.y.”

(and actually, joke’s on me, because those plastic cockroaches left a nasty rubbery flavor)

:: :: ::

and then going to bed tonight, eliza admits that she thinks i must be saving the BIGGEST april fool’s trick for TOMORROW morning when i serve the cool whip milk and jello juice for breakfast because that would be even tricker than doing it on the actual day!


sorry to disappoint.


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