12 days of easter eggs

remembering one year ago and realizing that by now we’ll have to do the 9 days of eggs.  oops:


easter • eggs - 01

i’m not sure if it’s the death, the violence, the injustice, the improbability, the eeriness, the joy that must have exceeded all other, or what…but the easter story is one i grapple with.  i find myself repeatedly putting the stories of the bible into practical terms, tethered out there as something to learn from, and whether they actually happened or not doesn’t matter.  my faith is not determined by that.  somehow at easter i question this.  maybe it’s just harder to see the abstract in death and resurrection.  maybe my “all or nothing” personality wants to kick in.  maybe it should.

easter • eggs - 02

i know one thing for sure:  i honor the position of questioning and wondering.  i humbly question god’s mystery.  i humbly wonder who christ was.  but part of why i can do that is because i have something to question and wonder about.   as my children grow older, i have an increasing desire for their foundation to be solid and thick…full of stuff to question and wonder about.  and you know, i don’t think i’ll ever get too old to add a layer to my own foundation.

easter • eggs - 03

so, bring on the easter eggs.  (a slip of paper and item hiding in each…also known as resurrection eggs…also known as blasphemous for combining the pagan egg symbol with the story of christ’s resurrection…at which point i want to bellow out:  CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!?!?…)  it was meaningful to me to spend time gathering things for the eggs.  this afternoon i found myself in my driveway sifting through stones looking for flat ones.  the air was warm, old people were walking down the street, the birds were singing, there was a police siren, and i was the only one home…i was present in that moment.

easter • eggs - 17

i’m looking forward to a prolonged sense of anticipation…like we have during advent.

easter • eggs - 04

so we’ll open one egg, read part of the story and light one more candle each day for the next 12 days.

easter • eggs - 16


with the details and layers of the story exposed, i am pretty sure i will hear two things every day:

“yeah, right.  no one knows if that REALLY happened.”


“it HAD to have happened.  otherwise none of what we see would even be here!”

and i will agree with both of them.

easter • eggs - 21

oh, and there will be a chocolate each day too. : )

easter • eggs - 14

“Now let the heavens be joyful,
Let earth her song begin:
Let the round world keep triumph,
And all that is therein;
Invisible and visible,
Their notes let all things blend,
For Christ the Lord is risen
Our joy that hath no end.”
— John of Damascus

2 thoughts on “12 days of easter eggs

  1. I do NOT want to go down the rabbit trail of debating what you present as if they are mutually exclusive options, only affirm that it is possible to live in the mystery to (through) the end of one’s life… A crucial sermon at the right point in my life held up the story of Thomas as powerful and valued from the first gatherings of the church-to-be till our time. To ask questions is an important role within the group, not a reason for exclusion. For the events we remember this week, I remind myself first of all that it is not so much a question of DID they happen, but how do we respond as they continue to happen, where do we position ourselves vis-a-vis those who choose to stay in situations that threaten everything, what do we need to do to become more like them, because that is the path that draws us into the heart of God. And when we have buried hope, do we hide ourselves alone or gathered, do we just return to old patterns or honor what has been because it is part of who we are (thinking of your other posts). Because it is only where we do the latter that we are open to the unimagined. And when I do that, when I sit among spring’s life and call to mind what those who have given themselves to Light have changed – it is such a minor thing to say that once a unique man was chosen by God to show us that even the slow torn death from the Powers is not permanent. (Lord, I believe and help the unbelief that keeps me bound by other slow deaths.)


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