thirty eight

thirty eight.

things aren’t ever as bad or as good as they seem.    jerry

if you know jerry, you can totally hear that coming out of his mouth.  his view on the world stuns me and brings me back to a solid place time and time again.  i, who swings from one extreme to the other in mere moments, is grounded by that statement over and over.

i’m not interested in abandoning my passionate {this is the best moment of my life/i can’t believe the world has come to this/jesus himself was in the grocery store/evil itself must be running the show/of course we should cut all the daffodils in the yard and put them in jars all over the house/i can’t tolerate one single bit of apathy/yes, i just spent an hour arranging my special shelf into rainbow order} view of life, but when it swallows up my true self, i’m grateful for the grounding.

THESE photos taken 24 hours apart sums us up:

J + K

so, with memories of an early birthday supper already had, the hope of our eggs hatching, the anticipation of opening the cards and presents that have gathered on the piano,  a commitment to also seeing the world as you do,

happy birthday, jerry.  i love you.

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