valentimes and lent


well, that was good times.  good valentimes.



valentine’s day.  an excuse to make cards, tie ribbons, work in the kitchen, we turned into a valentine factory again…though this time only two of the kids and me.  all the while watching a valentine episode of cake boss on line.  i may as well be 6 years old again.  i remember the feeling during the mass production of cards or treats:  satisfaction and excitement.


and let me say that if eliza ever finds herself in a place in life where repetitive tasks are helpful, she will thrive.  that girl whipped out her valentines and pleaded for micah to let her finish his.  he said no.  she went back and added another layer of stickers to hers.


micah’s were simple and tidy and almost more work than he wanted.  but cute.


thanks to pinterest, i found a tag to alter for my preschool valentine.  i loved having a reason to finger knit.  ever since i fell off the real-knitting wagon, finger knitting is all i do…but there are only so many lengths of knotted yarn one can have.

knot valentine

we made homemade sea salt caramels for the walton school staff.  it was my second time making them.  i think there will be a third.  we don’t have a candy thermometer, but i’m learning about this whole hard ball stage in the cup of cold water thing.

caramels for teachers.

vday teacher

i got fancy for preschool in more red and pink than i usually wear. now it’s all tucked away for next year.


{and oh yeah, that’s pink heart double knit…thank you newton et cetera shop!}

sharing valentine supper.

on the actual day, the animals shared a meal (why and how and what?!?!?), four of us joined nana and papa for supper at a favorite mexican restaurant and naomi went to gymnastics.  it’s a good thing she loves it.

ne gym

son's view.

and there is so much to love.  tonight we head into this season of lent and i cling more to the determination to keep perspective.  to let go when needed, to look in the eyes of my children, to recognize true joy.  our friend, gordon, preached not long ago on a passage from luke.  the phrase that hasn’t left me yet…choked by the cares and riches and pleasures of life.

what a balancing act this life is.  love and lent.


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