i {heart} christmas

christmas 2011

in sorting through photos to add to the girls’ birthday scrapbooks
(to be completed in a mere couple of weeks!),
i scan my flickr account…
and how odd that all my christmas photos are gone.
odd until i check iphoto and realize that
so, maybe quite fitting
as we approach valentine’s day
that i once again honor these people and places i love so much.

christmas 2011

christmas started at home with regifting and giggles and new robes.

christmas 2011

then we load up and head to the farm.

christmas 2011

where the smells of what we knew we’d eat
meet us at the door,
warm drinks simmer all day,
we cram a year of love into a day.

christmas 2011christmas 2011

christmas 2011

then it’s off to chicago,
a drive that can feel like a year
until we arrive to the joyous embraces of family.

christmas 2011

with food we count on eating,
sheets that smell just right,
love for the children pouring over.

christmas 2011christmas 2011

christmas 2011

and then home again to a house
still acting like december 1.  
tree and lights and garland
that would last three more weeks.  
all tucked away now,
i think it’s fitting to showcase this ornament…

christmas 2011

i made it for jerry.
when we were dating.
in honor of our time fishing at the schmidt place.
in 1991.

jerry and micah were just out there today.
the whole thing seems like all kinds of crazy.


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