small group

small group

there’s a group of people we get together with about once a month…or every other month. adults are outnumbered by kids and when we all show up we total 22 people. we’re loud and obnoxious. we’re messy and often tired. we aren’t a very small small group.

small group

personally, i’ve had some amazing revelations sitting around with this bunch of people. in the midst of parenting and getting more to eat, checking on the youngest ones and hearing a guitar being played, there are rich conversations.

small group

after our last gathering, my kids expressed their happiness with small group. asking why, one said, “because the grown ups actually like to be with the kids.”

manna for my soul, man. that’s it. done. i’m in.

3 thoughts on “small group

  1. Our kids love small group, too. They’re always asking when the next one will be. We grown ups like it quite a bit, too.


  2. we have a group of friends that we get together with about that often too. and we, too, equal 22 when we’re all together. our group is comprised of several families and we enjoy being with the kids also. one thing i love about our group is that we’ve been together so long that some of the children are now grown and have children of their own and they continue to be part of our group. good friends/family are so good for the soul!


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