what it’s like

updated: and so, if you wish to view this in movie form, here you go:

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here we are, waiting and preparing for christmas.


it’s not always tidy or friendly, but it is colorful and real.


and not for a moment should we take anything for granted.


the novelty of a netflix fake fireplace wired to our tv didn’t go without commentary on the abundance it signifies.


we remain immensely grateful for our community big and small.



we’ve walked in the dark with flashlights and played homemade games.  we’ve fought with each other and yelled things we shouldn’t have.


we’ve been graced with gifts, some intentional and some of the white elephant sort.


our advent boxes are opening one by one.  a favorite has been the “sunday sodas” where we share a few bottles of old timey sodas.  simple joys.



we’re making things and eating things and most of us have burns on our fingers from the glue guns.


we had our church christmas program and our last sunday school of 2011.  i’m eager for pictures…since i didn’t even get one taken.


i did a run of preschool christmas programs which were as sweet as the sweet children involved.

and  we move into a couple of days of waiting with not much to do remaining deeply grateful for the promises of joy.

6 thoughts on “what it’s like

  1. I think you live at my house. Except I don’t have any Schweddy balls yet! You know, I have been totally fine with my preschool decision until I saw your Christmas preschool program picture. I remember Garrett and Brenna’s, and had a pang.


    1. i’ll get skype fixed on my computer and then you can skype me in and i can do an impromptu christmas program with her!

      and imagine the bigger pang you might have had if she would have looked lonely DURING THE PRESCHOOL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM.

      watch your mail.


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