advent home

it’s been a slow blur of busy-ness.  slow because there are plenty of moments of near boredom in the midst of long, long to-do lists.  balance, i say.


we’ve lit candles, made snowglobes, opened the advent boxes, read, visited martha, orchestra concerts, music class concerts, repaired a ukulele, reminded ourselves to notice christ around us.


jerry and i are heading out for an overnight while the kids spend the night on the farm.  they are already looking forward to it being “so cozy” with “such good food.”  when we return we’ll hit the 4th sunday of advent with enthusiasm, including getting all the costumes out and ready for our church christmas program.  from our house we’ll have a joseph, a donkey and a sheep.  i’m saying goodbye to mr rob, my co worker since fall 2009.  it’s a bit like one of the downward goes on a roller coaster that i might not want to do again.

but in it all, blessed be.




4 thoughts on “advent home

  1. we did so many of these things together when the kids were babies…..I loved these photos….it almost seems like a dream that all the special moments keep happening without us….what an honor it is to look from afar.

    we miss you.



  2. Great pics, as usual. And, I love your notebook full of notes. However, I know you have an iPod (don’t you?) I love the Evernote app where I put all of my notes and lists and recipes and you can access it online too. I also love the Grocery Pal app where I keep my grocery list and can check things off as I find them. Yeah, my brain is pretty much all on my iPod. Fortunately those apps will let me recover everything if I lose or break my iPod. I realize not everyone wants to be so tied to technology.


    1. oh, bonita, if you knew how often i start using apps on my iphone…but when there is a lot in my head, it seems notebook paper and pencil (not pen) are all i want. but we have gone to synced calendars! : )


  3. I’m wondering what new adventures Mr. Rob is starting. I saw him on a tour of our school the other day and did a friendly, “Hey! How are you?!” and then realized… Um, yeah. He doesn’t have any idea who I am…


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