still thankful

even though we’re nearly smack dab in the middle of advent, i still have thanksgiving pictures waiting in the wings (or the “flagged” portion of iphoto).  it seems like ages ago. both spontaneous gathering and carefully orchestrated meal seemed to make up our time.

i think the cupcake turkey was the most spontaneous happening of my thanksgiving.

the relish tray, creamy corn, sweet potatoes and cranberry salad was not spontaneous.  i used the same recipes that have been used my husband’s whole life.  it is always kind of cool to step into the family history that i wasn’t a part of.


good thing i had a helper dressed up as a chicken.



and for those moments when adults aren’t hungry, but kids are (because they don’t totally overeat to the point of stomachs hurting), if i take the time to make mini snacks, it really seems to go better.  i should remember that.



and aside from all the little snacks, games played, conversations had, there was the gift of space.  this is a quick photo i shot on a family walk…everyone in their own space…at their own pace…


…finding their way home.  happy thanksgiving 2011.

2 thoughts on “still thankful

  1. “I should remember that” could be the motto for my blog (and my life.) It’s funny how often we need reminding of the simple things. Also love the celery dividers on the relish tray–a simple, practical, artful touch.


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