in my work, i wouldn’t dream of just “showing up” or “passing the time.”  i guess it makes sense that just showing up or passing the time at home can do less than meet the needs of those around me.  when things at home are less than desirable, i know that if i would just play a game or read a book or offer a trail walk or do a project, it would be better.


and i’m noticing the different engagement with school age kids.  just because i do less and they do more doesn’t mean disengagement, it’s just different.  there’s room to stand back and watch…and remember to smile.


naomi made these from start to finish (picked the pumpkin from the field, carved, washed, found the recipe, baked).

caramel apples with sea salt.  enough said.


a collection of food to represent body parts for micah’s and eliza’s classes on halloween.  i loved watching their faces as they reached in and felt the coldslimysquishystringy-ness of it.


jerry and i didn’t carve one pumpkin this year…just the kids.Picnik collage

new light and warm smells and good tastes have made this season more.



4 thoughts on “projects

  1. A tip from Justin’s dad at the pumpkin patch…sprinkle the inside of your pumpkin with cinnamon and then light the candle. Ours smelled dreamy.


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