halloween festivities fell on the weekend that jerry was on his annual cabin-fishing-feasting trip with college friends.  when he arrived home, he found a spooky scene. fake spider webs, the halloween station on pandora and pumpkins galore.


the kids enjoyed using the drill.  and when jerry saw these photos, he informed me that this is your drill, aaron.  so…even hundreds of miles away, we still act like neighbors.  thank you.




those aren’t really pumpkins…don’t be fooled…they are clementines.


micah was a werewolf (evolving into a hairy happy hippy).
naomi was a raccoon (i’m so glad she dressed up again).
eliza was a cheerleader (for our town, according to her).

thank you, thrift shop, for assisting us again.




the gift of friendship’s memories still makes me smile.



we rested up a bit on sunday, welcomed jerry home and were ready to hit it again on halloween night.


with a yard of friends, pumpkins lit, pillows stripped of their cases, pizza boxes emptied, jerry and the younger two headed out to trick or treat.  naomi and i stayed home to welcome trick or treaters and do homework.  cozy.


the weekend single parenting stuff is hard work.  good thing my costume was a boost.


i was a hard, hard worker.

p.s.  i wasn’t as hard of a photographer, though.  thank you, karin, for a lot of these pictures.

4 thoughts on “halloween.

  1. lovely, happy, cozy photos.

    I love the clementines, but they usually aren’t out until mid-Nov….hmmmm.

    Abby’s elevator was such a hit at school she got “too tired of going up and down” so she transformed into a rock star.
    Andy was a screaming skateboarder.
    Lydia was a bean. Not kidding. All original, brown and round.

    missed you all.


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