blaze, RIP

oh, truly a bittersweet halloween…

in complete costume eliza got home from school
to find her bunny had died at some point during the day.

baby blaze

this sweet bunny who was the focus of many photo shoots.  
we forgot how small he was when we first got him.

sal and blaze - 2


blaze was completely normal in behavior,
but we noticed he hadn’t been eating or drinking
as much in the last few days.  
but he was so active and cuddly, we weren’t worried.  
just yesterday he was insistent on climbing
on top of my keyboard while i was working.  
over and over.  
as usual, he would climb on top of sally and sally didn’t even care.

blaze viewing

there was serious expression of grief
mingled with the sheer joy of free candy
and a yard full of friends.

the circle of life, no doubt.


“he was so sweet i can’t even think of how to talk about him.”

“i had so many plans of what i wanted to do with him, but now i can’t.”

“i just wish i could go dig up his grave and hold him.  but it seems like i shouldn’t.”

wise at 6.


10 thoughts on “blaze, RIP

  1. oh sweet Blaze…he was the sweetest, calmest, softest, bravest, funniest, and most affectionate bunny I have ever held. Loving you all, Mom/Oma


  2. Very, very wisely spoken by Eliza. Those things she says at the end of this post seem to be what many of us feel without putting words to it when we grieve a loss like this.


  3. Oh, sweet, sweet girl. I am so sorry. This just hit me right in the chest, seeing her holding her dear bunny in the box. He was such a treasured little bun.


  4. Oh no! How old was he? I’m so sorry to hear this. He was definitely one of the coolest rabbits evah! So cool that I would hold him even though I am allergic… Oh sweet Blaze.


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