which one is jack straw?

together 2011

we had some special someones at our house over the last few days.  one was a four legged variety and that post is yet to come.  the two legged varieties were my dear brother jon and his band mates from jackstraw.  we realized during the visit that eliza had been wondering which of them was named jack straw.

(photo courtesy of their site)

oh, the fun we had merging our circle of friends here with these guys that i feel like i know better than i do. and they are people worth knowing.

they are such nice people.  they can rock a stage.  guitar that brings tears to my eyes, bass that i can feel in my chest, banjo that looks like it’s not even being played, mandolin that is about to fly away. there are lyrics that are still with me…and not even available on recordings. yet.


i am so grateful for the hours of their less than 24 hour stop in town that they spent with us.  i wish it had been longer.  i wish our dear auntie tricia had been here too.  and as usual, i wish i had taken more pictures.



my kids love this man.  deeply and completely.


i do too.


(hey mom and dad, we thought this looked a bit like the we believe album circa 1968)

6 thoughts on “which one is jack straw?

  1. Yeah, cool reference to the “We Believe” album/photo. Except that you guys are just about exactly twice as old as we were then. We were just 18!!! Yikes De Ville! So happy you had such a good time. WONDERFUL. Love you, Dad.


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