free money in the hay…again.

same song, same dance.  i think i smiled the whole time.  except for the times when i was almost teary making up stories about people.


there are three age groups and money is sprinkled in the hay each time.

money sprinkling



when the middle age group (eliza’s) was having at it, jerry gave micah tips.  jerry has his own childhood experiences with money scrambling with this community.

advice from dad

sweep. protect. gather.  i think there was also some critique going on…which made micah giggle.

big money scramblers

while the younger groups are timid, this older group was ready to get at it.




money sorting

after jerry let the wind take the hay away, we counted it all up.  it seems the money scramble tips paid off…micah gathered the most for his age group at $4.74.

scramble winner


but gathering a lot or a little, i think fun was had by all.


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