bike trailer turned covered wagon

not kidding.  
less than an hour of work turned the bike trailer to a covered wagon and the bike to a horse.


just in time for the very small town of walton’s rural life festival’s bike parade.


all money raised from this festival went to micah and eliza’s school.


micah pulled eliza and abram…
with low trailer covered wagon tires not stopping him!

DIY bike trailer covered wagon

we used a piece of cardboard for the wagon cover clamped to the bars, a thrifted sheet over that and tucked in the side bars of the trailer, masking tape lines for the wagon cover, and all the brown paper you see is from martha’s feed bags. staples and masking tape held it all together.

oma saves the flowers!

what great joy to have all four grandparents to enjoy the event.  nana and papa were there, hanging out in their hometown of over 40 years, oma and opa were there on a quick visit down. it really warms my heart to find them in the background of most photos.

bike parade

:: :: :: :: ::

money scramble photos to come…just remembering it makes me smile.

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