let the children lead us

i come from a long line of people who can make something out of nothing…nothing out of seemingly everything…see redemption in almost anything… get teary at the simple re-telling of meeting a stranger, telling each other, “hey…there’s a sermon in that…”, i’ve also been told i can blow sunshine up places not appropriate to mention here…and i know i can spin reality to a level of decency that it doesn’t deserve…but it comes from a genuine place.  so when i watched this clip of a video from last week, i noticed my little friend in the orange shirt.

she doesn’t see herself, it’s clear.   other children are discovering themselves on the screen, making eye contact with themselves, laughing, dancing. she looks to me, worried? i can see you, i tell her. then 21 seconds into the video and…she sees herself!

i can’t help but make something out of it…thinking of times i felt like that, wondering where i was and who i was when the world around me knew already, wishing that we could all find ourselves and that when we did, we’d express such joy.

happy sunday, friends. let this child’s joy at finding herself lead you too.


5 thoughts on “let the children lead us

  1. Reminds me of (and gets me like) the moment the little Lost Boy finds Peter Pan’s face by smoothing out the wrinkles of Peter Panning. There you are…


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