thirty eight

with cards and bracelets and phone calls
and facebook messages and coffee and church
and friends and family and sleeping in and new music
and naomi teaching me new uke chords and lip gloss
and shooting a bb gun and new outside lights
and sleeping with the dog and being chased by the cow
and thinking of days gone by and wondering about what is
and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating…
i turned thirty eight.


someone asked me what i learned this year.
i’m still trying to come up with an answer.

what i want to learn?


stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “thirty eight

  1. You sure live life fully, Kristin, and I love you for that. I’m still laughing about you being chased by a cow in your own backyard!


  2. I am not sure what happened, but every time I visited your blog I saw the post about your backyard. I thought, why isn’t she blogging? And then I see all these “new” posts and it’s like Christmas! Happy 38, my friend. I do hope one day to wish you a lovely day in person.


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