20 years ago

well, 20 years ago is kind of familiar. i was with jerry, dreaming of the life i’m living now.
the cousin of one of my dearest friends, we started dating my junior year of high school. that was the beginning of what is now.


but 24 years ago or 23 years ago or even 22…i was living the life of a teenager in a small town. having just moved from chicago, i was a new girl finding her way. there are people i haven’t seen since graduation. there are things i chose not to think about since then either.


but last weekend i did.
there was a somewhat last minute 20th high school reunion for us.
admittedly i was a bit like a deer in headlights…


i realize it was not for who they were,
but for the fact that with each face i saw,
they mirrored who i was back then.
i looked at these people, grown up and living life,
and saw myself as a 15 year old in them.
whoops and hollers, teary exchanges and laughter,
hugs and a whole bunch of “remember when”s.

3 1989

it was healing and down right fun to go there…
to let myself remember and laugh about it.
to talk about life now and the passing of time.
to talk about people who have died and jobs lost.
to celebrate babies being born and worrying about our own teenagers.
and then to hear the words from a dear, dear friend:
everything that was has simply made us who we are.
i mourn a bit remembering just how strong those relationships used to be.


so, thank you, friends, for pulling off a couple nights of fun. anyone up for a 25th?

20 years later

i’m swirling in new and old memories still.

p.s.  i think the last photo might be from you, amy.  thank you!

3 thoughts on “20 years ago

  1. I was just on fb and members of our class must have seen you and others post the fun pics, as a group for our 20th next year has been started and we have been added one by one. Just think you get to live it all over again in just one short year for Jerry’s 20th. We went to Clark’s earlier in the summer and it was truly a fun evening.


  2. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any cuter, you go and bust out pictures from 20 years ago, with exponential cute. That last young picture of you? We had the SAME. HAIRCUT. EXACTLY. I’ll have to dredge up some proof.


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