august home


i have an event in iphoto called “august home.”
it’s a dumping ground collection of life that looks better in black and white.
it’s the first day of school and swimming in a lake.
it’s ramen noodles for breakfast and a homemade balance beam.
it’s a lot of smiles in place of the angst that was also there.


it’s a city family moving a straw bale into the backyard.
it’s bow and arrows and outdoor make believe.
it’s a messy backyard full of hoses and deflating pool toys.
it’s watching shows on the computer instead of tv.


it’s the discovery of grooveshark and an evening of music.
it’s getting to know our cat, sharon osbourne (aka “ozzy”).
it’s watching sally sleep the heat away.
it’s counting down the days from summer to school.


IMG_1345 - Version 2IMG_0358

even though the full color version seemed a bit too full of chaos,
looking back, august home was good.

6 thoughts on “august home

  1. I love your writing. And your photography. And, HEY HAY, I never, ever would have thought to buy a hay bale for our backyard. I think the kids would worship me until the day they died if I did that. Picture 8–such an awesome angle! Picture 12–took my breath away.


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