doing church



our church was invited to join a neighboring church
(newly an official mennonite congregation!)
in their 3rd anniversary celebration.



we drove to a county park a few miles out of town and did church.  
church that was loud and boisterous,
mingled with communion for all and a lake deep baptism,  
topped off with soda and cupcakes.


there was so much that felt deeply familiar to me
while at the same time like stepping gratefully into another world.

my head spun with hearing a once more familiar language.  
there was translation provided for us
which helped fill in the middle of every sentence.

this dear community demonstrated a faith rooted in hope.  
rooted in the experience that sometimes faith is all we may have.

my faith has most often been a luxurious choice.  
i’ve spent most of my life in a place of privilege and safety.  
that makes the mystery of god wider and wider again.

thank you, iglesia menonita casa betania, for welcoming us
into your celebration of god’s wideness.


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