summer’s end with hank williams jr

today is the last day before school starts.
plain and simple with all that brings.
after a summer of repeated boredom and sibling fighting,
this morning was greeted with seeming divine grace.
i was working in the kitchen when the singing of my three
made its way through the closed window.


hank williams jr’s “family tradition” was the song.
(for good or bad, they know all the words)
through the window an image like one from the hills and hollers:
soup being made over open fire
carrots and water and scraps
old innertubes being used for chairs
shirts optional
shoes nowhere to be seen
old towels and chicken wire for a make-shift rabbit pen
calf bawling in the background
cat skirting in and out
kitchen bowls and cups for animal water
lounging and waiting
hot humid air at 8 in the morning
smoke covering their skin and hair
and hank sung by my children.


really, this is all it took for today to be good.

9 thoughts on “summer’s end with hank williams jr

  1. OMG, I thought your description of the day was the song lyrics, and I was amazed at how well the song fit! I love it when our kids pick up on a song that we like, either because we’re singing it or listening to it. I especially love it when I hear them singing it.


  2. they are going to school today already? hm…it’s faster than what I thought (in around September) wishing them well as they go to school again :)


  3. What a gift to have this sweet moment in time captured and shared. We love you and miss you so much. Prayers heading your way for the beginning of school…,
    Love Mom and Dad


  4. That first picture grabbed me by the heart. It’s like 60 years ago and 60 years from now all at once. Those people in the photo are simultaneously your babies and beautiful strangers with secrets to tell. A thousand things in one scene.


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