getting ready


oh, in retrospect it is rather delightful
to have one common goal and activity as a family.
perhaps not sustainable, but to use our pastor’s words:
a true “out of time” experience.


on this day, it was “get martha ready for the fair.”
(and yes, that is our back yard…brown grass from too many dry days over 100 degrees)

on the five days following it was
“get up early and go to the fairbarn”
“feed and water martha”
“go to the food stand and get lunch”
“get water for the family”
“sweep the pen”
“get more water for martha”


but this day was simply getting ready.
martha was washed and would lean into the scrubbing.


micah was required to make a poster.
he requested jerry’s help because
“dad has more experience.”



the trailer was borrowed.
the calf was clean.
(with leftover organic shampoo…which seemed a little silly)
the poster completed.
nervous tummies fluttering.



one night before the fair.

4 thoughts on “getting ready

  1. silly? :) I like that Martha had an organic shampoo – from that lick, I think she did too. LOVE that she leaned in during the scrubbing. I’m adding Micah’s poster to my Pinterest.

    one.common.goal. nice.


  2. You’ve all helped honor what seems so important to Micah and THAT is truly, truly beautiful. Martha’s tongue in nose picture is pretty great too! :)


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