8 thoughts on “sixteen years

    1. love that you paired this Jerry look with the word “bliss.” It was a beautiful day, 16 years ago, and we are so glad we were there to celebrate with you! You (still) are the salt of the earth, o people!


  1. Oh happy, happy day! I’m so glad you’re able to celebrate this year in a glorious space with cooler temperatures. Remembering the heat 16 years ago. Amazingly, while the rest of us have that clear, strong recollection of the KS heat at your wedding, love kind of erased that detail for you! Enjoy the gift that you are to each other…
    Love you much, Mom


  2. I just revisited your blog and realized I had never posted my HAPPY ANNIVERSARY greeting. Although it’s four days late, here it is: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Just for fun (I hope it’s fun!) think back to when you were only 4 days into your marriage. Hmmm… Fast forward 16 years and you find yourself with a life — and family — abundantly far more than anything you could have asked for or even imagined. I’m so thankful for the love you enjoy for and with each other. So thankful. Can’t wait to see you. — Dad


  3. I just revisited this and other older posts of yours, and realized that because the picture was so engaging and just plain GOOD that I never read the title. Oh my. Happy, happy anniversary a few months into the next. Oy.


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