she’s got her own number

for me it’s stepping into a new world.

a little too smiley and wondering what shoes to wear.
jerry walks in like he owns the place.
maybe he does-as much as anyone else-
after spending hours of his childhood in the same space.
naomi is in charge of pictures.
eliza is c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y. making plans for HER 4h project
(and jumping in the ring a couple of times).

on this hot saturday morning,
martha got a number.

calf tagging - 12

the tagging itself was quieter than i expected.
no bawls or howls.

calf tagging - 11

(in a little too much tie dye…not enough foot covering shoe?)
micah spent a lot of time in the ring.
the pace is relaxed.
the cadence is slow.
everyone has settled in.
as far as anyone can tell,
we have all day.

and at this moment,
i believed it too.

5 thoughts on “she’s got her own number

  1. So lovely to see these pictures, knowing how much you have embraced this culture for so long, knowing you looked forward to the day….wish we were there to share it with you, as we originally hoped for….


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