retreat {almost 3 months later}

retreat eve

way back in may we had our annual church retreat.
when i see this sunset picture with eliza wearing a sweatshirt,
it seems almost impossible.
we’re in a seemingly endless stream of 100+ degrees
and the need for sweatshirts sounds dreamy.

the days during our retreat definitely got warm, but not that warm.

right next to our campsite was access to the ninnescah river.
this section was about 6 inches deep.


it was perfect for running and splashing, reading and resting.
a truly intergenerational experience.


this church community is so dear to me.
my parents chose it for our family back in 1986.
i’ve been there ever since.
a small mennonite church that began as an intentional community in the 70s,
there have been ebbs and flows.
when naomi and micah were babies there were only a few other children.
now we can have more than 20 gathered on the rug for children’s time.



back at camp we fished, hung a ball from a tree, used the bushes as a drying rack, waited for the bell to ring, made fires and collected snails. some people also got ahold of my camera…most of those aren’t blog appropriate.  i do realize how stalked i was for a while…here is one of about 20 taken within a few minutes of each other:


i witnessed a sweet morning conversation between siblings…so sweet.
whatever he told her, she was excited!


adam ball


at the main lodge,
we ate and sang,
remembered people who couldn’t be there,
held babies,
pondered war and injustice,
claimed faith in something bigger and better than we know.

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