the gift of 2008

settling into bed after a day of summer
{translation:  tired,
satisfied that tucked in 3 rooms
surrounding mine i have a sleeping child,
ridiculous inconsistencies
in how siblings treat each other,
eating at 8:30, 10:30, noon, 3:15 and 6,
being frustrated at how little gets done,
working to keep ourselves and the animals cool,
wondering how i could be a better parent,
cooking supper outside,
working alone at the coffee shop 3 blocks away,
considering the swimming pool a good enough bath}
i dropped my book behind the bed.

behind-the-bed is not a place i want to deal with now.
dust bunnies bigger than the dog,
playmobil pieces,
apple cores (?!?!),
dog hair,
we do a lot of living up here, i guess.

but then i found this gem.

life in 2008

it’s not a surprise,
i “made” them as christmas gifts
back in 2008.
since then the pages are worn,
some torn out,
holes punched in a corner.

earth day memory

2008 doesn’t seem that long ago.
or does it?
wait, it does.
{now i sound like eliza}

stuffing snow and magic mary

these snippets of our life,
the ones i decided summed up our year,
make time do its crazy thing.

it was just yesterday.
and it was forever-ago.

mini memory book

i want to write that there
is nothing i am glad is over.

but is that right?

muddy memory

surely there is plenty
that i’d not want to do again,
but if i could have any one of those days back,
i think i would take it.

– – – – – – – –
*confession: i recently finished reading room and last night i stayed up watching the news special on jaycee dugard…i’m stunned and grateful and horrified and amazed…so, that might be part of my nostalgic tone.

5 thoughts on “the gift of 2008

  1. Being grateful for the days that were, even if there were some things you would not do again. . . isn’t it true that in 20 years, we will be more regretful of things we did not do than of things we did? I hope so.


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