who knew. not me.

well, i just realized that i was featured on
for our pvc pipe sprinkler last year.
what a fun surprise.
i was so honored.

not a fun surprise
that when reading the comments
i learned that pvc pipe is
EXTREMELY dangerous for kids.


humbled again.

so, sorry, friends.


a little like when i let the kids
take apart old computers.
and gave one as a birthday gift.
not. safe. either.

10 thoughts on “who knew. not me.

  1. I’m pretty much of the mind set, everything we eat, drink, breathe is bad for us if you listen to certain people. I’ve never heard about PVC pipe being bad, and I’ve used it lots of times in my classroom. I read all those comments, and I don’t know what to think. Then again, I’m about as far from a tree-hugging, crunchy granola type as you can get.


  2. what? oh please.
    give me a break.
    all of the plumbing in our houses? it’s pvc!!!
    i’m still doing it.
    we are still making it!!!
    i have had plenty of mean comments on there too…..it’s like people can’t wait to be the first one to say something rude.
    one post on ohdeedoh had our house once and someone said “it looks like she lives in a preschool!” and i smiled and thought “perfect….that is the look i am going for!” it was meant as an insult. not taken that way.

    you are hands on.
    it’s good.
    it’s all good.


  3. Kids aren’t allowed to play with anything any more! Honestly, it’s so ridiculous. I say go for it!
    So many parents will criticise you (or anyone else) for things like this, yet they’ll happily feed them all sorts of rubbish foods and drinks. I think those are worse!


  4. I’ve noticed that at oh-dee-doh, too. People are SO quick to criticize. I guess when your audience has that far of a reach, it’s going to bring out All Kinds. You know? I think the idea is darling and I’m pretty tree-huggsih-granola-y, you know. :)


  5. yeah, thank you everyone. i think we’ll still use our pvc sprinkler-turned camping shower…but just resist the urge to suck the water out of the holes…it’s just a humbling experience to be pulled from the ignorance of bliss.

    p.s. i wish there was a way to link facebook comments here because there were some really good facts offered! i’ll look into that. : )


  6. okay…some facts from my friend:

    J.E. wrote: “For what it’s worth: “There’s been a lot of negative talk in the media and online lately about the effects of PVC in consumer products. Don’t confuse the added-to plastic found in those products with “furniture” and “plumbing” grades PVC pipe and fittings. They are not the same thing. In many plastic products a couple of additives, called plasticizers, may have been added that make PVC change properties. 1. Phthalates are chemical substances that make PVC flexible and soft. These additives are used in products like toys, baby products, cosmetics, food wrapping materials, shower curtains and so on. 2. Bisphenol-A is used to make products shatter resistant and for high-heat resistance. You may find this additive in such items as baby bottles, eating utensils, microwave ware, water bottles and the like. Both these chemical additives are suspected by some to cause cancer and, possibly, developmental problems. The concern is with these plasticizers, not the PVC itself. ” I say keep building!”


  7. and more…

    Libby wrote: “Agreed…I just spent the last half hour Googling PVC. A hula hoop or a sprinkler is so limited in its exposure/contact. I am not discounting all the research and efforts that are being made to keep children’s products safe, but so often it takes many repeated exposures before a health risk is elevated. I’m sure as I sit her at the computer I am being bombarded by SOMETHING that will accumulate over time… ;)”

    thanks, all!!


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