“i thought i heard a cow”

well, after an escape from the yard
and being brought back to us by some
friendly city hall folks,
we know that they know we have a cow.
we know that they’ve gotten phone calls about
“hearing a cow” in the neighborhood.
and thankfully, it’s all fine!

we’ve decided that eliza should be considered micah’s 4h assistant.
she loves working with martha and talks about her own 4h project.

martha calf - 06

martha follows us around the yard.
she leans against us.
she bows her head when we scratch behind her ears.

martha calf - 02
martha calf - 05

and when she’s tired she’ll
lay. her. head. on. your. lap.

martha calf - 10martha calf - 09

martha has clearly become a “pet.”
the question is if she can still be “food.”
oddly enough, i feel like i could.
naomi says that if anyone’s going to eat her
it should be us.
micah and jerry think we can wait
to figure it out.
here is eliza after i asked her
if she still wants to butcher martha:

martha calf - 01

martha calf - 03

it’s definitely a journey.

martha calf - 04

not a decision we need to make now.
but in conjunction with our watching
“food revolution” we’re having some
great food conversations.

13 thoughts on ““i thought i heard a cow”

  1. I have so many thoughts…….yet so speechless. I don’t know where to begin. I trust that you as a family will make a well thought and healthy decision for all involved. Oi…..


    1. that is one of the ideas…if only we could continue to give her all the grass she wants and a tree shaded home. it seems so different than a grass-less pen in the sun (which is what i imagine the alternative to be…maybe that’s not true?).


  2. love these shots of Eliza…what are you all thinking about Food Revolution? No surprise, I am sure, but we have been watching it here too.


  3. Wow…..beautiful pictures. I replayed the videos more than once (that’s how much I miss Eliza and hearing your voice ;) )
    Anyway, people in Indonesia do have pet cows, goats, water buffaloes, chickens, etc. Perhaps it will be too sad for Eliza to know if Martha is eventually butchered, especially when there is an emotional bond between them. Just a thought from a Science teacher who loves animals :)


  4. Gorgeous photos!
    While “what to do” may be complicated, the love and affection showered on Martha is anything but. So simple — so pure.
    Lovely, to say the least. Tender stuff, this stuff.
    Much love, Dad.


  5. I love this so much, I had to show it to chris too. The photos are wonderful. The conversations are hard and good.

    No cow in our yard, but Ada and I talked about eating meat last night in the bath. I imagine her perspective might change if she was able to snuggle a soft black calf.


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