actually PAINTING is the reward.

painting is like putting sprinkles on cupcakes.

the preparation is what we’re spending most of our time on.

(unless we’re talking about painting the shopping cart…there was no prep for that)

painting the cart.

bit by bit. slowly, slowly.

public radio informing me.

breaks for leftover lunches.


or 30 minute negotiations on which take out we should get.

bored kids watching me work.

ladder hammock. for Jenny.

i feel a growing affection for this place the more time i spend on it.
i guess that means i will be downright in love by the time we’re done.

wet paint :: porch steps

3 thoughts on “painting.

  1. Kristin, I don’t always take time to comment, but I always look forward to your posts–the brilliant colours, and catching the flavour of your days. We’re just about to enter summer–kids are still in school this week–and I’m looking forward (kind of) to the bored children and a different rhythm to our days.


  2. it looks so wonderful. you were so right about the color, and i love the way your splashes of rainbows stand out with that green as a background. did you know trader joe’s carts look just like that? : )


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