harvest and home

daddy and micah have both been gone on and off helping with harvest.


even though they are far in western kansas,
we can see evidence of harvest in our town too.
i love this time of year.
the red and turquoise trucks,
the piles of wheat left on main street,
the combines working through the night.

we’ve been holding down the fort here…

bubble play {however, i am NOT impressed with our
homemade bubble recipe.  share if you know of one!}
driving to and from viola class and taking the cow for a walk.
scraping and sanding and caulking and washing and painting.
splash parks and renting movies.
discovering black mold behind paneling.
sticking to our meal plan and eating out.


bubble making


just like in years past, i am reminded
of how much jerry does around here!
i am so tired by evening…
looking at last year’s photos i can see
how far we came on the house.
but i’m simply doing the same thing
on a different side of the house.
onward, onward.

front door

we’re eager to be back together as a family again.

2 thoughts on “harvest and home

  1. Try this
    9 parts Water
    2 parts corn syrup (it’s the only reason its in my cupboard)
    2 parts dish soap
    The longer it sits the better it works :-)
    And thanks again for sharing your thoughts, I always enjoy them!


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