stop two


we drove a while and at 12:30 my goal was met:  i had touched all three of my grandparents.  we pulled up to their apartment building which reminded eliza of the plaza hotel from eloise…complete with its own grocery store.




we picked up where we left off.  the hugs felt the same, the conversation was the same, the laughter and quick pauses to hug again were the same.


there was a lot of gazing from their 15th floor windows.  binoculars were used and train sighting were called out.  it looked like a miniature train town!



my grandparents live in winnipeg within view and walking distance of the forks.  we went there daily in rain and shine.



we climbed, ate, window shopped, walked, rolled down hills, watched parkour guys, witnessed a dog obedience class, listened to music and enjoyed the wide variety of people. per my opa’s suggestion, jerry and i shared a wonderful order of local fish and chips.  i wish i could have it right now.




other highlights?  the zoo (including signs reminding us to be kind), the children’s garden (a post in and of itself!),  going to uncle gareth and auntie kathleen’s house, seeing sara and matt’s rabbit, going out for gelato,  seeing aunt elsie (omi’s big sister) and uncle jake, playing with tiny puppies in the park next door…



(trust me that these weren’t all one on one dates with eliza, she just happened to be the one interested in photos, i guess!)


then quick as we came, we remembered the blessings from opa and oma, packed up memories with all our worn out clothes and headed south.  it was as good as we hoped it would be.


2 thoughts on “stop two

  1. It really is amazing that you have three grandparents to touch. Good for you, for deciding you needed to take this trip, and making it happen.


  2. These are very special and fond memories. We will never forget the great time we had. Thank you for the “old” pictures.  God will continue to enrich you in the wonderful family you are, and are still becoming. With Love and Peace Oma/Omi and Opa/Opi


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